How to Install Raspbmc when is Down

Posted: down for you? Never fear, the internet has your back.

Install Script

Copy and paste the python code (starts with #!/usr/bin/python) from here into a file and save it as

Set permissions on it: chmod +x

When you've downloaded the binary (below …

How we use GitHub Flow at Incuna


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Our team at Incuna has been growing rapidly of late and like most businesses at this stage of growth we've had to come up with some development flows to cope with the influx of new Incunanauts. Currently we have three (technical) teams: Design, Front End and Back End with work …

Setup Single Sign On in Django using Google OAuth2


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We recently had our second Incuna Hack Day where Charlie and I made the decision to start breaking up the main internal site, our venerable Dashboard. It was well on its way to becoming a monolithic beast and the only thing that had stopped me breaking it up before was …

Generating unique slugs with Django


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This is something I've come across a couple of times over the last few months and each time ended up acking through various projects so putting this up here to save myself the pain next time!

There are two versions to this method - model specific and a more generic one …

Extending OS X Lion's Maxfiles Limit for Neo4J


After upgrading to Neo4j 1.6 today I got this warning when starting the server:

Detected a limit of 512 for maximum open files.

A limit of 40000 is suggested instead and a quick look on Google suggests the use of launchctl limit or ulimit -n. However the results I …

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