How to Install Raspbmc when is Down

Posted: down for you? Never fear, the internet has your back.

Install Script

Copy and paste the python code (starts with #!/usr/bin/python) from here into a file and save it as

Set permissions on it: chmod +x

When you've downloaded the binary (below) run it with sudo ./

Pre-Download the Install Binary

The install script will use installer.img.gz if it finds it in the same directory so grab that off the University of Arizona mirror:

curl -O

Now run the install script and you're away!

A Big Thank You

To Sam Nazarko for all his hard working actually making Raspbmc! Also to the various people providing mirror services for the install binary.


It's more than likely that the information above will be out of date pretty soon after I post this entry but don't let that deter you. You can always browse using Google's Cache by placing any URL from the site after

You should get automatically routed to a download mirror by going to:

Then find the install image, it's path should look like