Some time ago now I added proper command line options to Tv Renamr, followed shortly by a test suite with Python’s Nose. Along the way I ran into a bug that has frustrated me for a long long time, until today when I finally found a work around - hooray, go me!

The bug is hardly a game stopper as it only affects the UI candy on my tests. Simply put, I couldn’t use options with nose. Every time I did, an error was thrown saying no such option existed for nose while displaying the usage string for tvr:

Nosetests: No such option

This initially prompted me to split the front end script’s options into a separate file which didn’t solve the issue, but did wonders for cleaning up the codebase.

This seems to have affected at least one other person, whose post finally gave me the lightbulb today. Ionel mentions in his post “Luckily, setuptools has aliases for commands and instead of” and a snippet of a config file. It’s only taken me a couple of years (I’ve tried to fix this at least 3 times now and always drawn blanks sadly) to realise that he was using a config file. A quick google for the appropriate section in the nose docs turned up enough information to construct a useful rc file:

And so I finally have my lovely coloured output, with Growl integration, back. This is shaping up to be quite the productive weekend.