Classify: Python API Reference Tool


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Not too long ago some colleagues of mine created, a documentation tool for Django's Class Based Views. CCBV differs from Django's usual documentation by being providing users with an API reference to the members of each Class, including any inherited ones. This is especially useful ...

Inspect's Hidden Gem: classify_class_attrs


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Inspect provides a wealth of functionality for inspecting code, however one of it's most useful features is undocumented. Say hello to classify_class_attrs.

classify_class_attrs takes a class and returns a list of Attribute objects, each containing useful information about a member of the class. An Attribute object looks something like ...

Postgres Won't Start


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This problem has caught me out 3 times now so this post is partly just so I don't forget the cause again.

The Symptoms

Starting or restarting Postgres (with either upstart or init.d) results in a detail-less error, telling you to check your log file. You check the ...

Expanding your RAID-5 Array


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Every so often the time comes around again where I run out of space on my fileserver. Thankfully I'm using RAID-5 so expanding the array is easy enough and the wonderful mdadm utility means I can have software RAID so the expansion won't take eons.

Expanding an array ...

How to Install Raspbmc when is Down

Posted: down for you? Never fear, the internet has your back.

Install Script

Copy and paste the python code (starts with #!/usr/bin/python) from here into a file and save it as

Set permissions on it: chmod +x

When you've downloaded the binary ...

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