Ecohandle Shopping Bag


Ecohandle Shopping Bag

This year's Christmas Haul brought me an interesting little gem: The Ecohandle Shopping Bag. I got round to giving it a bit of a go today when I did a veg shop and thought doing a review on it would be fun.

So, first things first - what is it?

It's a shopping bag, duh. The bonus here though is that the bag part compacts down into the handle for when you're going to the shop. Nice and neat. If you feel like a real glutton for punishment on your forearms (I'll get to that properly in a minute) you can add extra bags. There are two slots with retractable clips that you can put the bags into, assuming you can carry them of course. I managed to get at least 5 kg into the Ecohandle bag alone without pushing it's limits! Getting it home was the bigger issue issue as I had to keep swapping hands when my grip muscles died.

The Good

You're saving bags...thus, Puppies.

The bag is really quite strong. I was worried that packing it full might have put too much strain on it, but it held up surprisingly well.

The Bad

The embossed name. When holding it in my left hand I found the edge of the embossed text rubbed against my finger tips in such a small way that it left them raw within a couple of minutes of use. It's certainly not a deal breaker, but smoother letters would be appreciated.

The Fence

It's a handle. Whereas you would normally have your bags cutting a nice line across your fingers - pulling directly down on your arm, you've got to actually grip the Ecohandle. I ended up swapping hands every few minutes and cursing my decision to put 5Kg+ of shopping in it. Good workout though (thus why it's on The Fence©).


It's a reusable shopping bag that packs down into it's own handle. You can attach other shopping bags and it'll give you a great workout on your grip muscles.