Paperless Documents


To combat my innate propensity for pack ratting, I made the decision to digitise all my documents. Steve Losh wrote a fantastic article on how he went paper-free and much of my process is based on his flow. However, I wanted to lay out mine for posterity (and because I ...

Archiving Banking Transactions


I'm a long term user of internet banking and for a few years I've done so without paper records. This left me in the position of having no form of backup outside my bank; hardly an ideal situation. Most banks provide a way to download your transactions, usually ...

Switching to ErgoDox


I've had pet peeves with standard layout keyboards for as long as I can remember. The slanted and unbalanced layout has always seemed so illogical to me. I'm aware of the history behind their design, but whereas so many other things have been improved on computers, keyboards have ...

Leaving a Team on Slack for iOS


I recently tried to sign out of a team on Slack for iOS and found the process to be non-obvious and a lack of documentation made it harder. I'm writing this mostly for the next time I need to do it and have forgotten how.

Open the Team menu ...

Managing Your Pythons with Pyenv


With the impending release of Python 3.5 it's that time of year when everyone wants to update their Python 3 version or add another Python to the list of installed versions.

I use pyenv to manage my Python versions. It allows you to install various versions of Python ...

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